BRUT full album

After three common tours in South America since 2016, Fred Raspail and his brother in arms Pablo Krantz from Buenos Aires wanted to record something in common… Pablo was a bit in Europa in november 2017, so they went on studio for 6 days. Self recorded, self produced (AS ALWAYS), this 9 tracks CD is a pretty good example of putting in common the music ! SHARING, PLAYING and TOURING, that it is… Beside some « classics » of the two artists sang and played in common (My Baby left me, La Hija del Gitano, Ushuaïa), some fresh songs like « I LIVE DOWN BY THE SEA » or « LE VERTIGE DE L’HOMME BOULET » make of this record a rare piece of their music… The grandiosa version of MANO A MANO (CARLOS GARDEL) will convince you to buy it !!!
EUROPA, pay attention, only 50 pieces are for you !!